In 2003 Manaseer Oil & Gas became the sole distributor of PETROMIN lubricant oils in Jordan & Iraq.

Petromin Corporation was formed in 1968 by a Royal decree. On the date of its inception, the company’s name was Petromin Lubricating Oil Company (Petrolube) which was one of the joint ventures of the General Organization of Petroleum and Minerals (Petromin).

The company was renamed as the Saudi Arabian Lubricating Oil Company in 1997. Since 2008, the company is now simply called Petromin Corporation.

The first plant in Jeddah was designed to blend 70,000 M. tonnes; today the plant has doubled in size to blend 150,000 M. tonnes or 1 million bbls annually. The vast geographical spread of Saudi Arabia and the quick development of its infrastructure justified the building of another plant in Riyadh to cover the increasing market demand. Riyadh plant was completed in 1982 with a capacity of 150,000 M. tonnes. In 1985, another plant was built in Jubail with a similar capacity for lubricants along with the first grease manufacturing plant in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East to produce 6000 M. tonnes of all kinds of greases.

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